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DirectAdmin Backup Manager Lite

DirectAdmin Backup Manager Lite

232341.2.5223 March 2020
Price $44.50 /year
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  • Lifetime updates
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Backups Manager for DirectAdmin enables incremental backup process for DirectAdmin Web Control Panel, End point users can restore any file / folder or database item separately. Using our DirectAdmin plugin helps the hosting providers and customers minimize the effort on keeping their data secure, without compromising the quality of service. Any file, folder or database from any backup day can be saved as a GZIP tar archive and downloaded for safekeeping. This way the users gain the ability to back their files up and restore them incrementally, drastically decreasing the maintenance time and potential website downtime. Save on low server resource and less support ticket from customers.

Why Backups Manager

  • Easy setup and setting.
  • Easy GUI for yours customers.
  • Save on CPU & Memory usage.
  • Advanced admin setting.
  • 24x7 Professional support team.
  • A cron task scheduler keeps backups up-to-date automatically.
  • Incremental backups save your storage space & bandwidth.
  • Stop wasting time for your customer support Give your customer’s freedom to recover their files alone easily.


  • Incremental Backups.
  • Task Notifications.
  • Process priority control.
  • Unlimited Backup Retention.
  • Backup user settings.
  • Allows to exclude system files and folders from user’s home folder.
  • Select backup or not mail folder.
  • User access control.
  • Backup schedule.
  • Local backup
  • Remote backup


  • DirectAdmin
  • PHP 5.6 or 7.1
  • ionCube Loader 10.2.0
  • Space for temporary files
  • Active or trial license Register for a free 30 day trial here

Donwload & Installing

  1. First login to your DirectAdmin with admin permissions and click on “Plugin Manager” DirectAdmin plugin manager
  2. Enter the URL location where the plugin can be downloaded
  3. Enter you DirectAdmin password ( admin permissions password ) and click on “Add Plugin” DirectAdmin plugin manager
  4. Go to DirectAdmin “Home” and click on “Backups Manager Admin” and create your setting. DirectAdmin plugin manager


For any questions you can send us support ticket to support [at] mosmaster [dot] pro We have a easy manual that can help you more.

[v.1.2.54] 24.05.2020
!!MySQL file listing security issue
[v.1.2.53] 19.05.2020
!File listing optimization for local and remote backups
!Local and Remote backup process optimization
!Logging re-write
+Option to reset prmissions on remote server in case oldest backup folder can't be removed with backup user.
+Option to use Beta verions
[v.1.2.52] 23.03.2020
+New remote backup Connection mode option: Rsync over SSH
+Connection mode Rsync renamed to Rsync daemon
!Rsync daemon mode fixes
[v.1.2.51] 14.02.2020
+Fix private_html after recovery.
[v.1.2.50] 01.02.2020
+Evolution skin custom icons
!S3 backup exit codes fixes
[v.1.2.49] 23.01.2020
!Remote check connection status text bugfix
+S3 backup date moved to meta info
[v.1.2.48] 21.12.2019
!S3  backup bugfix
+CheckMySQL server connection on settings page
+Custom mysql.conf option added to override default Directadmin settings.
[v.1.2.47] 12.11.2019
!Filename with spaces fix
[v.1.2.46] 26.10.2019
!Evolution skin fix
[v.1.2.45] 20.09.2019
!Update script fix
[v.1.2.44] 18.08.2019
[v.1.2.43] 11.08.2019
[v.1.2.42] 07.08.2019
[v.1.2.41] 02.08.2019
[v.1.2.40] 02.07.2019
[v.1.2.39] 25.06.2019
[v.1.2.38] 21.06.2019
[v.1.2.37] 02.06.2019
[v.1.2.36] 26.05.2019
[v.1.2.35] 23.05.2019
[v.1.2.34] 04.05.2019
[v.1.2.33] 30.04.2019
+S3 support
[v.1.2.32] 12.04.2019
[v.1.2.31] 25.03.2019
[v.1.2.30] 22.12.2018
!PHP timezone settings fix
[v.1.2.29] 22.12.2018
!PHP.ini remove comments. Fix warnings on php 7.x
[v.1.2.28] 22.12.2018
!FTP backup process bugfix
+Backup Manager settings page: Check buttons update
+User page: Download button fix
[v.1.2.27] 19.12.2018
!FTP check connection fix
[v.1.2.26] 18.12.2018
!FTP settings fix
[v.1.2.25] 17.12.2018
!FTP list, backup & restore feature update
[v.1.2.24] 15.12.2018
!FTP settings bug fix
[v.1.2.23] 13.12.2018
!Evolution skin fixes
[v.1.2.22] 29.11.2018
!UI fixes
[v.1.2.10] 10.09.2018 
+Rsync daemon support
[v.1.2] 12.08.2018 
+FTP backup destination
[v.1.0] 10.07.2018
First production release.